Dear Alexander Community,

We write this letter in hopes of clearing up any misunderstanding regarding the Alexander Recreation Center (aka Wellness Center). We will take you through the birth of the idea, the need, the finances & the dream to show that this facility has no relation to the previously failed or newly proposed levies.

This project began in 2006, with fundraising through the Jr High and High School football teams, when the needs of our students were no longer being met. Alexander’s gymnasiums were originally built to accommodate approximately 400 physical education students; our district has grown to need to serve over 1,600 students. The “field house” or stadium locker room was originally built as a shower room; it does not fall into the ADA standards we now need and is not equally accessible to our male and female students or athletes (teetering on title 9 noncompliance). There are no public restrooms for events such as the Special Olympics, The American Cancer Society Relay, field day, soccer games, football games. (The district currently spends approximately 8,600 on porta johns each year.)

The Alexander Board of Education and The Spartan Athletic Club joined forces to see this project through. The center was broken into a two-phase construction plan. Phase 1, the exterior shell of the building, roofing and the clinic space, was funded through monies previously allocated by the Alexander School Board. The cost to the district for phase 1 was less than half of 1 percent of the district budget and approximately one third of the complete cost to build this facility that will serve children in the district daily for many years to come.
Phase 2, internal construction and outfitting, is being funded by The Spartan Athletic Club. Through an amazing amount of private & corporate donors and the donation of skills & labor we have secured over 400,000 in funding for phase two. While we still have a way to go, the fundraising and construction are moving along nicely and we are confident that we will see this project through. What will remain will be a huge benefit not only to the students of Alexander School but to the entire community.

Attached you will find a list of how the district will benefit from this facility along with the funding records from The Spartan Athletic Club. Please share this far and wide. It is time we put the rumors to rest and move forward with excitement for our children and community.

Julie Collins
SAC President